2013/03/24      Sunday           Rainy and Cloudy

Maybe many families with autistic kids were pretty proud of
me for publishing my book. But I haven’t change
d greatly after that. For a
special starting, my nervous behavior became more serious  than before
, which made Mom unhappy and nervous too. On that day, I got a strange drinks during science class. After I drinking it, I felt stomachache soon, which made me run to W.C. very frequently. 


2013/03/26         Tue.      Cloudy
to rainy

This afternoon, I went with my classmates to the swimming pool
for a swimming lesson. But I was a really big problem for the coach, he said he
couldn’t ensure of my safety, so he wanted my mom to accompany with me all
along, even after we told him that I have learned swimming for more than 2 years. I thought
it was unfair for her, she needs some space for herself, instead of staying with
me day and night . So I just went out by bus, sitting in the rest room with my
teacher and playing with her mobile phone.  It
was a very dull afternoon. Maybe I can do something else for the next 8
swimming lessons.

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