2013/03/31    Sunday           Rainy and windy

By a secular ceremony, I pray for a smooth and calm life in
the future. Today is the Easter Holiday, but my family is not Christians, so we
just have an ordinary Sunday. Mom belongs to Elain this weekend, she goes with
her everywhere as she needs. Elain often push around me just in her very loudly
and pitched voice, forbidden me do many things. Sometimes she is more terrible
than my mom.

I screwed up again and again in last week, which made both
Mom and Dad very angry, even crazy. They thought I did it on purpose, I was
just out of control at that time. Last Friday, I could not suck the noise up
and went out of the classroom, then threw a potted flower away. Which disturbed
and annoyed the supervisor of my school, I was in big trouble from now on.

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  • 虎姑婆
  • dear高宴:
    可以跟他們說明你非有意 而是當下環境刺激太大 一時失控而...
    但未來也許快發作那一刻 你可輕輕閉起眼睛 深呼吸~~ 回歸內在平靜後.. 再回到現實 會讓自己衝動的情緒和緩些
    或召喚你的天使來幫忙當下的狀況 想一些方法讓自己快失衡的時候 可以趕緊回到寧靜和平中
    Love you 祝福~